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I am Renuka Gavrani, a writer and book blogger with over 51k followers on Instagram.


I talk about books, self-improvement, self-love, and mindset shift that can help you live your ‘DREAM LIFE


I am not here to share typical book reviews that you read and feel motivated. I read books very carefully to pick ONE idea from ONE book that can transform ONE area of your life. Before sharing the lesson with yo what kind of problems can come during implementation and how to overcome them all to ACHIEVE WHAT YOU SET ON YOUR MIND ON


If you also want to live a happier, more satisfied, and more successful life, let’s be besties on this journey and achieve something BIGGER TOGETHER.


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One of my all-time favorite genres is human psychology. I love to read and explore how the human brain works, what makes us choose one thing over another and how we form the basis of our thinking. While human psychology books dig deeper into the typical human brain...
8 Rules of Love Book Review/Summary; 8 Rules of Love by Jay Shetty
‘8 Rules of Love’ by Jay Shetty is a hot topic on the internet and it makes me wonder, ‘how can we need advice or rules to run our relationship from someone who doesn’t know the first thing about us?’ I am not your mother so it’s not my job to scold you but…8 Rules of...
Closer to Love Book Summary; Closer to Love by Vex King
About Closer to Love Book: I have never been in a romantic relationship but have read a lot about romance and love in books. My friends who were/are in a relationship used to share with me how they feel and what kind of problems they face in a relationship. And after...
Energize Your Mind Book Summary: A Book by Gaur Gopal Das to Release Your Mind from Pain & Suffering
About Energize Your Mind; Learning the Art of Mastering Your Thoughts, Feelings & Emotions by Gaur Gopal Das: When we see monks like Gaur Gopal Das, we often paint a picture in our mind ‘how are these monks so happy, calm, and energized?’ I am a fan of Gaur Gopal...
Time to Awaken by Ora Nadrich Book Review
I have been obsessed with spiritual books for a larger part of my reading journey. In fact, I fell hopelessly in love with books when I read my first nonfiction book which further falls into the spiritual category.  The reason behind my love for spirituality is...
Closer to Love Book Summary; Closer to Love by Vex King

Closer to Love Book Summary; Closer to Love by Vex King

we don’t realize is that, the more we wish for people to love, the more we tell our brains that WE ARE LONELY AND MISERABLE. We train ourselves to ignore our own souls and find someone in the external world to complete us.  In Closer to Love book, Vex King says that “the love you experience with others will be a direct reflection of the love you share with yourself.” If you have a habit of ignoring yourself and not giving yourself enough love, no relationship can fulfill your soul, and no person, no matter how perfect, can make you feel loved.

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