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The Purpose of Start With Why: The world is a crowded place with so much information available on our fingertips that it’s easier to forget who we are, what we truly desire and why we do what we do. Start With WHY by Simon Sinek is a book on Clarity of WHY, Discipline of HOW, and Consistency of WHAT.

The Purpose of the Start With WHY by Simon Sinek Book Summary: The purpose of this blog that will help you get a clarity on how you can find your lost inner voice.

Have you ever met someone and felt, I want to be like him/her? I did! Every time, I used to see a person more successful than me, I used to think I want to be like her/him. Some of you can relate to me, can’t you?

There are two basic reasons why we want to be like our inspiration,

1. The personal who inspires you must be a great leader, hence, you develop an instant urge to follow them

2. You don’t who you are.

Honestly, the second one was true in my case. I never knew what I wanted to do become, I just knew that I wanted to earn money. If money comes from doing A work, I will do it, if money comes from doing B work, I will switch to B.

This is the sole reason why I was held back even when I started early. I started freelancing in 2020 which means it’s been 2 years, right? But I am still not in the 6 figure income group, why? Because I first worked as a freelance writer then I did 2 jobs and last year around in September, I started freelancing full-time. However, I asked myself a few questions and now I am enjoying the perks of those questions.

You must be wondering what those questions were? Let me take you through those questions, if you stay with me till the end, you will be all set to start your journey to success.

The Golden Circle:

No matter what you do, competition will always be your biggest setback. However, the Golden circle swipes away all your competition at once be it from business, freelancing or exams.

The Golden Circle
Start With Why Book Summary

The Golden Circle is a useful framework that Simon Sinek has provided in his bestselling book, Start With WHY. At the heart of the circle is Why, the concentric circle represents HOW and the outermost circle is WHAT.

Let me break down all three for you and how they can be life-changing for you.

Start With Why Book Summary
Start With Why Book Summary

Start With Why: Every great leader knows why they do what they do. One of the biggest examples of the power of Why is Apple. Do you think Apple has any competitor? None, right? Well, there are so many mobile & laptop brands in the market then why can’t anyone beat Apple? Simple, their why is their power. Steve jobs invented Apple because he wanted to change the world, he wanted to make art with his product, he wanted to give perfection to his product, he even worked on parts that can’t be seen as perfectly as on visible parts, why? Because he had a clear sense of his Why.

“When you compete against everyone else, no one wants to help you. But when you compete against yourself, everyone wants to help you.”

If I ask a similar question to you why you do what you do, what would be your answer? Don’t say money because money is a result of what you do.

Like most people, I didn’t even know WHY, hence, I struggled. Simon says that when you know your why, what you stand for, everything else becomes easier for you. For example: Rani Laxmi Bai from India. She carried her newborn child on her back and fought against the Britisher. She was a woman and back then women didn’t have those rights yet Rani Laxmi Bai didn’t stop even for once. She did all of that because she knew her WHY.

A person can go through even to hell if he knows his WHY. Just as Apple knows that their reason is to challenge the status quo, hence no one can compete with them. When you know why you want to do what you do, procrastination, any challenge or setbacks can’t even touch you.

If you are someone who always feels confused on what you want to do in your life then this is the life-changing question for you:


“Just imagine how much more we can achieve if we remind ourselves to start everything we do by first asking why”

-Simon Sinek

When you know why you want something, you never even think about your competitor because you know your reasons, you don’t even try to differentiate yourself because your Why is unique which fuels your power.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”

-Simon Sinke

The Power of Why:

When you know why you do what you want to do, how is never a trouble to you. ‘How’ simply means how will you achieve what you want to. For example: Apple’s reason was to change the world, hence their ‘how’ is they make their product perfect and so smooth to use that you can’t switch to android after using Apple.

“Working hard for something we do not care about is called stress, working hard for something we love is called passion”

Similarly, if you know your unique WHY, How, your path to success automatically appears. For example: I used to read blogs when I was in college but the majority of them were too tough for me to understand. I then decided that I want to make blogs simple to read. Hence, the blog that you are reading right now is my how. I try to make my blogs as simple as it can be so that even a school kid can easily read and understand it.

How creates What: What means consequences of your How. For example: MacBook is a result of Apple’s how (their keen eye on creating perfect products). Similarly, my way of making blogs simple brings this blog in light to you. This blog/my medium account is my what.

The secret to being great at what you do is very simple, you just need to find out why you do it.

“For great leaders, The Golden Circle is in balance. They are in pursuit of WHY, they hold themselves accountable to HOW they do it and WHAT they do serves as the tangible proof of what they believe.”

However, to make it happen in reality, why isn’t the only thing that you need to focus on. There are so many people who know their why but sadly they never take any action on their why. That’s the reason Simon says that you must maintain harmony among your why, how and what to reap positive results.

How To Maintain Harmony Among Your Why, How and What:

  1. Clarity of WHY: The more you are clear with your why, the more clearly you see the path to success. A clear sense of why helps you to remain focused, dedicated and fight against any challenge. For example: HP said to Apple that MacBook wouldn’t work but Steve jobs knew what he was making and the rest is history.
    Similarly, when you have a clear why, neither you get confused nor held back.
  1. Discipline of HOW: Just as I said earlier, why isn’t enough to become successful. Why helps you to see what you want, it’s the discipline of HOW that helps to keep moving ahead in the right direction. For example: I post blogs daily on medium and make them simple enough for you to get in flow. That’s why I now have 300 followers in less than a month. This is the power of your How.

“Passion alone can’t cut it. For passion to survive it needs structure. A why without how has little probability of success.”

-Simon Sinek
  1. Consistency of WHAT: Consistency of what means keep doing what you do without any excuses and the results will follow. If I take my example ahead, I post blogs on Medium consistently and now I am a top writer on Medium. This is the power of consistency. Be it Medium or any other platform, if you remain consistent, success will kiss your feet.

“Innovation is not born from the dream, innovation is born from the struggle.”

-Simon Sinek

I followed this principle and the results are visible enough to speak on my behalf, now it’s your turn to level up your game with Clarity of WHY, Discipline of HOW, and Consistency of WHAT.

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