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I have been obsessed with spiritual books for a larger part of my reading journey. In fact, I fell hopelessly in love with books when I read my first nonfiction book which further falls into the spiritual category. 

The reason behind my love for spirituality is that ‘in this endlessly dissatisfied world, spirituality guides us to find our way back to our soul and find everything inside us’

Just look around you and you will see how everyone has some tricks/tips to sell you to live a better life, look more beautiful, or achieve more. The underlying mission for all these giant companies and creators is simple, to first sow a seed of fear in your mind and then use the same fear to sell you anything they like. 

I am not against any of it but I am surely against how this capitalistic economy has stolen our power to think straight. We are so numb that we are dependent on others to tell us what’s good for us, or what’s the new habit in the market that we can adopt. The list seems to have no end. 

Perhaps, that’s why I find spirituality so interesting. Spirituality helps us to be calm like the ocean, find everything inside and take our decisions independently with clarity.

And although spirituality is nothing new to me, I found a book quite interesting that uncovers a layer of spirituality for modern problems. Allow me to introduce you to the book, Time to Awaken by Ora Nadrich. 

Time to Awaken by Ora Nadrich Book Review
Time to Awaken by Ora Nadrich

I read Time to Awaken in December 2022 and I found that this book is actually addressing some underrated topics and discussions that no one is ready to have. 

Before we begin, I want you to erase everything you know about spirituality for this book takes a different road. If you read this article with a perception that you already have about spirituality, you will neither like the book nor my article. 

Now, shall we begin?

Time to Awaken is a brutally honest book that uncovers the deepest darkest secrets of the society that have been sold to us. The book is rather a collection of observations and experiences of the author on Covid-19. When Covid-19 hit the world and each one of us was locked in our home, we were functioning out of fear. Weren’t we?

Whatever the media and government told us, we believed in not questioning anything at all. We didn’t question the progress of vaccines nor did we question the real data of the number of people who died due to Covid-19.

And why not?

During the entire year of 2020, all of us were living a reality that was more frightening than hell. Our mission wasn’t to find out the truth but only to survive. We just wanted to live. We wanted to stay safe while keeping everyone we loved protected as well. 

Hence, the best bet was to believe in whatever the higher authority said. But to what extent can our fear blind us?

This is exactly what Ora discusses about in her book, Time to Awaken.

Ora discusses how our fear and other emotions can blind us. How do we start believing in ridiculous things as long as it claims to keep us safe? In all honesty, I didn’t view Covid-19 before reading her book. 

It’s after reading Ora’s observation and data, I realized that we shouldn’t believe in everything that we hear. Hence, the title – Time to Awaken.

Her book comes as an alarming bell that is here to awaken us from the deep sleep of fear and lies. Throughout the book, Ora shares some great examples of how we were manipulated during Covid-19 like how some foreign governments denied revealing what was in the vaccine. What is even more dangerous is that none of us even questioned what the vaccine for Covid-19 was made of and what kind of side effects it can have. The ones who questioned were labeled idiots. 

The question is WHY?

Why do we believe everything that the majority of the people are believing? Why don’t we use our own brains to dig deeper and find the truth? Why does questioning the higher authorities bite us in the ass? Why don’t we decide for ourselves ‘what’s good for us and what’s a well-dressed lie?’

The answer is – Manipulation and extreme dependency on the external world.

If you are someone who finds herself questioning the definitions of society or if you just follow the sold path blindly, I would suggest you read Time to Awaken by Ora Nadrich.

As I said initially, this book is not a core of spirituality. But it reveals the modern well-dressed lies that well-educated people are buying. This modern capitalistic economy has blinded us and Ora’s book is here to wake us up if not today, then we will just keep following whatever path has been carved for us.

In a time when people believe anything without questioning if it makes sense, Ora’s book comes as a rescue. You can buy the book from here. 

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